About us

Volito Aviation Services’ world-class team of professionals cater to all aspects of our business including; marketing, finance, risk management, aircraft technical, legal, administration and accounting. We follow a strict code of ethics, reflected in the high quality service and solutions that we provide to our clients.

Volito has a long and successful history in the aircraft leasing industry.

• 1993, Formation of Indigo with an owned fleet of three aircraft.

• 1998,  Successful IPO of Indigo with a portfolio of 23 aircraft

• 1999,  Continued growth of portfolio to 42 aircraft sale of Indigo to AerFi.

• 2001,  Establishment of Volito a platform to provide commercial
  aircraft leasing services to airlines around the world.

• 2001,  Growth of Volito to a portfolio of 22 aircraft

• 2007,  Formation of joint venture with Goldman Sachs
  – VGS: 17 aircraft from Volito, 14 aircraft from Goldman Sachs.

• 2007,  Formation of Volito Aviation Services as it stands today.

Since 2007 the current management has completed over 165 transactions together.